The South Korean company IDO includes a traditional oriental medicine clinic, an experimental botanical garden, and a production center for wellbeing herbal infusions. Since 2007, IDO selects the species recommended by tradition, prepares them by natural fermentation, and packages them in a ISO 9001 factory.



Mrs Eunsil LEE is the manager of IDO. We get in touch with her in March 2012 for a 3-year support program held by SBC. SBC is the South Korean Support Agency for promising small businesses.

The market for “healthcare” related product is rising fast, together with the growing interest in Europe for ancient, oriental traditions.

Strategy: From the beginning, the plan had to cover not only France but the whole EC.

Actions :

  • We built an online platform at It is an information center and an e-commerce shop, it supports discount programs for resellers and distributors, in a multilingual environment.
  • We set a network of prescriptors, among oriental medicine specialists, and spas. We also had a list of jurnalists specialized in natural, bio and healthy products.
  • Distribution was set in a form of a “Korean teatherapy” corner in specialized independant shops, both offline and online.


Results :

Sales are growing in France, and the model is now ready to be settled in other EC countries.IDO_situation

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