Gorenc is a manufacturer of gaz planchas in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is a family business, now runned by the children of founder. The company is not big (less than 30 employees), but the brand is wellknown in Slovenia, because the trend of outdoor cooking is firmly established there.



Mr Izidor Gorenc is in charge of business development.  We get in touch with him in November 2013. The company is the market leader in its homeland, and in all former Yougoslavia. They also have a network of distributors and representatives in Austria and Germany.

There are no local barriers. As Slovenia is a member of European Community and Euro zone, the technical standards and the pricing cover all Europe. A plancha is made of iron, it is a rather heavy product, and therefore the price of transportation needs to be optimized. Each country has its own standard when it comes to gaz distribution, diameter of pipe, pressure of gaz etc. , but Gorenc has already adressed this. As all outdoor equipment, the sales are seasonal: consumers purchases are small in the winter, and high in the summer.

In terms of communication, Gorenc has a website www.gorenc.eu in Slovenian and English. The export catalog is trilingual English / German / French.

Strategy: We identified 3 sales channels:

  • Supermarkets dedicated to Do-it-yourself equipment, or home equipment. They all have a “outdoor” area, with a range of plancha.
  • General on-line stores.
  • Independent retail shops, both off-line and on-line.

In France the market is dominated by 2 French competitors, Forge Adour and Weber.

Actions :

  • We set a list of major supermarket chains, identify purchase center and set a direct contact with them.
  • All big on-line stores have an affiliation program, we set a virtual shop in one of them in order to directly face competition, and get datas about best-selling products, price difference, etc.
  • For independent retail shops, we choose to reach them through a 2-tiers partner, a French wholesaler.

Results :

We got a meeting with the purchase center of a 60-stores supermarket brand. Gorenc is in line for supplying 2 products of the 2015 range.

We set a partnership with a wholesaler, specialist in outdoor Equipment.

Plancha tradicia 65 combo en situation

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