You are a private company and you want to export your products toward France.

We are a French business development company, specialised in product launching into our national market.

We do not provide theory, expensive advices, useless research. We focus on operations and sales. Our main services include :

  • Buyer lists : we build a file of 10 to 50 key buyers for your products in France.  We contact these customers, under your name. We get detailed purchasing data, send your presentation, get feedback. You own the complete database for future contacts with them.
  • Initial Impact : We set an agenda of sales meeting among your buyers’ list. You come to Paris for 2 or 3 days business trip. We welcome you at the airport and attend the meetings with you as a local support team.
  • No booth show : attend a Parisian international event, without the cost of a booth! We set an agenda for meetings during the show with key contacts, and leverage the fact that all key customers are wandering in and around during the fair.
  • Virtual Office : We act as your French office, with a French telephone number, and a French-speaking person welcoming your customers. This is a shared service, so it has a limited cost for you. We manage marketing, offline and online. We manage Customer care, initial contact, prospective, sample handling etc.


We have also specialized in Hunting Packs : 


This is a new trend for import / export operations. Several companies, gather their ressources together. They are not competitors, but have all an interest in the same market branch. The “catalog” formed by their joint offers attracts more customers than a single company. The expenses are shared, then lowered. We perform the local marketing and prospection for the group, and support the members during their travels in France.